Chat with people worldwide - at your own convenience!

Welcome to Strangers Chat!

We offer you an amazing, secure platform to chat with strangers- any time of the day- in the way you want to. It is an easy and super fun way to make friends with strangers. What we provide you are multiple chat rooms, so you can chat to strangers. It is a unique chatting experience- one designed to meet your individual needs. You can use it on any device such as a mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

Is StrangersChat safe?

Speaking of individual needs, many people wish for their identity to remain hidden, so they do not feel exposed or vulnerable. We make sure that there are no spammers or harassers among our users and if you happen to come across one, you can immediately report them, and we will take an action! Furthermore, you do not need any registration before using our service which makes it time efficient! Moreover, we discourage underage people from joining this platform for their own safety.

We choose people for you, so you have one less decision to make!

We randomly opt for a stranger with whom you can start having a direct conversation. You can discuss anything you want without the need of having to provide information about yourself. Let's say you had a bad day at work or need to get something off your chest, this is the perfect platform for it! You may even end up making an amazing friend and share information about yourself as you see fit!! However, if you find yourself to be indulging in an unpleasant conversation with someone, you can immediately block them!

What makes StrangersChat special?

There are many platforms for you to talk to strangers, so you might be thinking what is so special about this one. So, first things first, the best thing about Stranger's Chat is that you can keep your identity hidden when you decide to chat. It is a fun and exciting idea to make conversation with someone without them having to judge you or know you in real life!

Another great thing is that there is no force to continue the conversation; you can take off if you are not having fun! Moreover, we also have different categories. For example, if you want to chat with girls only, you can choose to chat with girls. The same goes for wanting to converse with boys. And if you don't want to make any decisions, we can randomly choose for you!

What you get is to connect with people worldwide and you have the liberty to share personal information in the form of images and videos as well to keep things interesting and lively. This is a unique feature and we are one of the few chatting platforms which offer this because we want you to have the best experience you can while using our service. Without further ado, use Stranger Chat and judge for yourself the quality of what we offer to our customers!

About the initiator

Behind this service are two amazing people- Sanjay and Om. And the story of how they came about this idea of having an online platform where two people could meet in a safe space is actually interesting. They went to a masquerade party together- so it was never fully revealed to you how everyone really looked like. And since you would not know who is behind the mask, they were at the liberty to alter things about themselves. It might sound a bit crazy to some, but it created an open and friendly atmosphere where no one was bound by the realities and could get indulged in their own world for a little while. And this is when they realized, people need a safe space like this on the internet as well!