Seek a girl attention

Sep 2018 - Strangers Chat

Girl’s attention is every boy wish, be it a chat room, on the internet, or at a nightclub. But trying to get that is like yelling for help in the middle of the desert. There might be a chance that someone might hear you but it would fall rather on deaf ears. So here are the tips on how to catch the attention of the one you wish for.

Let start with the steps:

1 — How to Introduce yourself

This is the most important step when you meet a stranger anywhere. But facts say most of the people get this step wrong and end up being rejected at the start. An example of the wrong introduction “hey ABCDE now”. Now imagine if you say these words in the real world to a stranger, it would be a completely wrong way of introducing one.

So what’s the right way ???

The way of introduction can be like “Hey, my name is ABDCE nice to meet you all”, “Hey guys, My name is ABCDE”, “Hello Everyone, my name is ABCDE what’s yours”

2 — How to join the conversation

Join the conversation by entering the topic that’s being discussed, comment on the topic and also agree or disagree accordingly on the views. Use some catchy simple phrases or by adding some humour and try to grab the attention of the one you wish to.

For example “Sorry, I didn’t catch that?”, “Can’t complain ”, “To the best of my knowledge”.

Note that you don’t irritate them by spamming or aggressive talks, this may be a complete turn off for them.

3 — How to connect with them personally

This depends on person to person how they try to connect, but here are some tips that can help you connect better. You can try with talking on a common interest. You can be the one who initiates the topic, get them engaged in your conversation. It will be Slowly but they will start connecting with you. Then you just know what to do further !!!

Note: Remember to be a good Listener rather than a speaker, this will take you way ahead in your life in all aspects.