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Dec 2018 - Sanjay

The internet is full of people who need social relationships and are looking to be friends on the internet with people with the same mindset as them, but everyone needs a place to start and meet people in order to do so. We at strangers chat aim to provide this service to people by helping them connect and chat with strangers on the internet without revealing your identity.

Stranger chat allows an individual to talk to strangers without having to reveal identity. People can talk about their interests, hobbies or problems with people and if the person has the same interests, they might even turn out to be friends. As it is a fact that even the closest of friends were strangers at one point. Stranger chat does not require you to register to access the service to prove that your personal data is not required for talking to people. You remain a stranger to stranger chat as well as to the people you talk to by using it.

A very important part of an individual's learning process is their exposure. While everyone in a community has access to the same amount of knowledge reserve to learn from, stranger chat allows you to get an edge by helping you connect with people not only outside your local community but with people not living in the same country as you. Talking to people from different countries will help you learn their lifestyle and how their thought process is different from ours, this is one of the many advantages one can benefit from using the free chat rooms provided to them.

Another very important feature of this chat room service is that it's free. It's completely free of cost service that does not require you to sign up or give your payment information, so there are no hidden charges as well. Strangers chat also provides you with the flexibility to use it on any platform that can give you access to the World Wide Web. This cross-platform functionality is useful as you can talk to strangers on the go through your cell phone. You can talk whenever you have a window of free time so that you can free chat with strangers and make social connections in your free time and make the most of it.

Stranger chat has a variety of free chat room options depending on your choice. The rooms are split into different categories such as language, country and purpose. Of course, a person can always just start right away without specifying the options for a completely random room but by using these options you can always be sure that you get the type of stranger you want. As if you want it to random, you might end up with a stranger who does not speak your language and you will not be able to communicate effectively. It is also important to highlight that choosing the purpose of you to chat with stranger is also important as that helps you talk to people with the same aim as yours, so your time is not wasted trying out random chat rooms hoping to connect with people with the same language and purpose as yours. Language categories available for stranger chats are; English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, French, German, Russian and Spanish. The purpose categories that stranger chat provides are; Dating, friendship, Girls only, Chat with teenagers or Chat with college students. Another added category division is according to countries which are as follows; India, US and UK.

As mentioned earlier, Stranger chat divides free chat rooms according to different categories. Alternative chat options available on the internet do not provide this kind of sorting of chat rooms. This helps a person save their time by trying again and again by random methods to connect to a stranger with the same interests as theirs. These categories help researchers also conduct surveys by using these categories and finding their required target market and conduct anonymous surveys if people are willing to participate.

In the world of the internet today, there are many different types of services but not all are safe. The internet is expanding at an explosive rate. In this internet world, Stranger chat takes a step further to make sure that their user's data is safe. In the first place, Stranger chat collects the minimum amount of data from their users. The users can use the website without registering on the site to ensure users that these free chat rooms are anonymous.

The process of using the website is simple. Simply visit our website URL and press on Start chat to join a random free chat room to chat with strangers and start sharing interests and topic of discussions or scroll down to select from the wide range of categories to filter out their choice of a free chat room and start talking to the strangers. Stranger chat aims to improve the anonymous chatting landscape and help people get a better perspective of the world by talking to their counterparts whom they share the world with, to know how things work outside their own society, community, locality and country. Stranger chat wants users to help them learn and gain a global perspective on topics of interest. They can talk to strangers in confidence and share things they want to without having their names associated with them and get solutions for problems that cannot be shared on the open web. One on one chat also helps strangers give each other undivided attention and get the most out of the free chat room option and be a better citizen of the world. Make friends, get help, get advice or get solutions, these are some of the things that can be done. It's an open yet private means of communicating and everyone can make the most out of these free chat rooms by making the right use of these and they are free to use and will always remain free for every single person to use.